The MARC Foundation since 1993 has advanced the cause of the Mid-Hudson Addiction Recovery Centers, Inc. (known as MARC) and today works with MARC and other local organizations dealing with addiction and alcoholism recovery and prevention in this vital effort.

The MARC Foundation has taken on this wider role since January 2018 when Mental Health America of Dutchess County,, and the Mid-Hudson Addiction Recovery Centers, Inc., formalized a merger agreement that will eventually see MHA Dutchess absorb the MARC Agency.

The mission of the MARC Foundation today is to conduct fundraising and public relations activities that generate financial support that will sustain and expand the programs operated by MARC and by other programs designed to treat or prevent alcoholism or abuse of other drugs.

Support the MARC Foundation

Your donation will aid the crucial work of MARC and other like-minded organizations that seek to help individuals and families find the path to recovery from alcoholism and other drug addictions.

MARC Foundation
PO Box 1724
Wappingers Falls, NY 12590